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Comments on home heating with a Pyroclassic IV woodfire

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Vulcan joined us early November 2012, he’s settling in well and he looks great!

He has his own website, which he shares with his friends and relatives

Vulcan and Bernie at Castlepoint beach run in August 2013

Vulcan and Bernie at the Castlepoint beach run August 2013. Vulcan and Bernie have met several times and always enjoy running together.

Twiggy, our bullmastiff, died in August 2012 after being diagnosed with bone cancer – see her website for details. She was a fantastic dog and we miss her greatly – she is also missed by many Eastbourne residents.

Twiggy’s photos:

Twiggy’s own website:

Twiggy at Butterfly Creek

Photos of Eastbourne:

South Coast:

Banded Dotterel at Kohangapiripiri

Lots of other photos:

 The Road Home

Youtube Videos:

Timelapse videos on Vimeo:

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