The "Tip"


Out and about today, up to the tip. Roads are quite good, but with the occasional tricky patch. From Lockerbie onwards becomes very narrow, but we only came across one water crossing.

Disappointed to find two tour buses already at the carpark at the track to the tip, but in fact we were easily able to avoid the tour groups. Very pleasant, stiff breeze and clear blue skies; the currents between the mainland and York Island are amazing, almost like the Horizontal Falls offshore from the Kimberlies.

Back down the road to Somerset, first drove down to Somerset Beach, which is clearly a popular freecamping spot. Lucky to avoid meeting a tour bus as we were driving back up the very narrow track.

Drove up to the cannon and monument, but carried on down the track to Fly Point – very definitely, low ratio and 4wd required. Had a nice lunch, sitting on the beach; the went back up the track to the monument. Really not a lot left to see here.

Drove back to the main road, then took the track across to the south end of the beaches. The map shows this track passes two lakes, clearly wet season only.

Driving on the tracks is quite fun, the Troopie is a real tractor, seems like it would go anywhere.

Stopped at the Lockerbie souvenir tent, Pam bought some nice snakeskin bracelets.

Called in at Loyalty Beach on the way back, not much different from Seisia – as expected.

Raw fish entree (coral trout in lime with coconut milk and pepper), followed by panfried coral trout and mackerel.


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