Still feeling very grotty, so relaxed all day.

Phil took Joe out fishing, they were back by 10.30 with an 11kg mackerel and a 7.5kg tuna. As you can imagine, Joe was more than impressed (actually, he was pleased to swap the tuna for the mackerel, as they’d already been eating tuna for the past week).

Late afternoon, a group of locals were fishing on the beach; they throw coconut and oil onto the water, which attracts fish and also makes them easy to see. Then they use a net, but they didn’t catch very much.

Just after dinner, we heard a something thrashing around at the edge of the water, had a look, it was large mullet, probably attracted by the coconut thrown in earlier. Phil grabbed his cast net, and within 10 minutes had 6 large mullet (probably 1kg+, maybe 450cm long) and a couple of smaller fish to use as bait tommorrow. Gave the mullet away around the campground.


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