Out and About


Cold again this morning, 19 degrees, but soon warmed up to 37-38 degrees by afternoon, huge torrential downpour cooled things down considerably.

Drove out to the tackle shop to book tickets, only to be told the 7 day price no longer applied, and the tickets would cost another $77.00 each. Took some arguing to get the price we were told yesterday.

Had a look around Injinoo and Umagico, then back to Bamaga to look at the historical museum. This gives some very relevant information about the move from Saibai Island to Muttee Heads, then on to what is now Bamaga.

Drove out to all the plane wrecks, of which the DC3 is easily the most intact, and you can easily see what happened to the aircraft.

Got some excellent photos of a digger down by the wharf, it had been decorated with scenes of coral and reef fish; it looked fantastic.

Early morning before sunrise, saw about 4 very bright meteorites, which left very large trails low down across the sky; Planetarium shows that the Perseid meteor showers peak tommorow and should be visible here.

Coral trout in red curry for dinner tonight.


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