Busy day today, up early to leave camp at 8.00am, drove past several townships to meet Phil and the boat near Jardine River.

Quick trip past the rivermouth, we left the boat near several turtle tracks, and walked along the beach. What a huge amount of rubbish – ropes, nets and fish crates by the truckload. There was even a television, the remains of a dugout canoe, and lots of jandals.

Phil met us after about 1.5 hours, had smoko and watched dolphins going past before heading back to the car. A very wet and bumpy boat trip, though we did see a turtle and also several tuna.

Drove back to Seisia via the “main” road to Cairns, not used much and in a fairly bad state, lots of trees lying across it.

Stopped at the WWII radar station at Mutte Heads, also the settlement on the beach nearby which later moved to Bamaga.


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