Thursday Island


Got up for a quick walk around the eastern end of Thursday Island, which took a little over an hour. TI is quite built up, although housing is low density, just about the whole island has been built on.

The eastern end has a small area of mangroves, with fruit bats roosting. Otherwise, wildlife doesn’t seem very common – not even many seabirds.

After breakfast we went along to the cultural center, it is very modern and has been open for about a year. I didn’t realise Christine Anu was from up here, she was one of the VIPs at the opening.

There is a fairly small collection of art, sculpture and traditional artifacts on display; also a number of photographs by Frank Hurley, taken as part of his “Pearls and Savages” expedition to New Guinea. By chance, we watched a documentary about his work, it seems he was reviled by some people for his approach to photography. McCulloch was Hurley’s partner for the “Pearls and Savages” expedition, he committed suicide two years after the expedition; a lot of the historical artifacts on display were collected (or maybe stolen) by him.

Walked up to the Green Hill Fort, built early 1890s for defence. The museum there was closed, but the guns themselves were open.

Later in the afternoon we walked up to the windmills – I bet that there was no opposition to their installation, as they must be very important to TI, all their power otherwise is produced by a diesel fuelled power station on the north side of the island.


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