Wellington – Cairns


Not a pleasant day – up at 3.20am, to catch 6.00am flight to Sydney; from there, to catch another flight to Cairns. Since I have a really bad cold at present I really didn’t enjoy any of this.

Checked into our hotel, then went for a walk around Cairns. The Holiday Inn is (surprise!) a really nice hotel – it is large, with exterior corridors well suited to the climate, and large open interior atriums with lush gardens and fish ponds.

Cairns is pleasant enough place, but too touristy for my taste. The beach is mudflat for most of the time, but the council has built a really nice artificial lagoon at the south end of the beach, complete with sunhades, sculpture, and lifeguards. They’ve done a great job.

I did notice, though, that the town has been developed since we were last here, several years ago, with more new buildings replacing the original old timber houses on long piles.

Went to the night markets for dinner, had a great self serve chinese meal – didn’t think much of the markets themselves, though.

Totally stuffed (and two hours ahead of local time) so crashed quite early.


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