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  • Just another printer – output files to ebook formats
  • Firstly, FBReader is an open source application, and as result all formats FBReader currently supports are open formats. Theoretically, FBReader's engine could be used as a part of a closed-source application that would be supporting books in some DRM-ed/non-open format. However this requires desire not only of FBReader developers, but also that of owners of the corresponding format. Secondly, since FBReader's authors have limited resources, formats that have the following properties are considered first: * popularity of the format (usually this means that there are at least several books in this format :)) * the format is expected to be used for books and, first of all, fiction books (we do not have any short-term plans to add support for any spreadsheet format) * the format is text based, and not image based (e.g. if a book is just a collection of TIFF-images within a container of some sort (archive or other),
  • The digital publications industry is in chaos, with competing e-book formats resulting in a lack of content that plagues the industry. Mark Carey explains how this impasse came about and suggests what can be done to fix the problem.
  • The following is a comparison of e-book formats used to create and publish e-books. A writer or publisher has many options when it comes to choosing a format for production. While the average end-user might arguably simply want to read books, every format has its exponents and champions, and debates over "which format is best" can become intense. The myriad of e-book formats is sometimes referred to as the "Tower of eBabel". For the average end user to read a book, every format has its advantages and disadvantages. Formats available include, but are by no means limited to:
  • What is Futurismic?

    Futurismic is a website for people interested in the future and the effects of science and technology on the present.

    Futurismic comes in three parts:

    * The blog consists of short introductions to content that exists elsewhere on the web, usually (though not exclusively) with some sort of science fiction angle.
    * The columns section covers the same ground in more detail, allowing for hyperbole, punditry, humour, or whatever else the writer chooses to deploy.

    Both blog and column entries might cover scientific advances; new technology and technological products; news about technology companies; descriptions of people impacted by technology; emergent cultural or social phenomena; or political issues that couldn’t exist in the absence of any of the above.

  • "Futurismic is a free science fiction webzine specialising in the fact and fiction of the near future – the ever-shifting line where today becomes tomorrow. We publish original short storie… (more) "Futurismic is a free science fiction webzine specialising in the fact and fiction of the near future – the ever-shifting line where today becomes tomorrow. We publish original short stories by up-and-coming science fiction writers, as well as providing a blog that watches for science fictional news stories, and non-fiction columns on subjects as diverse as literary criticism, transhumanism and the philosophy of design. Come and imagine tomorrow, today." URL: (less)
  • ABOUT US – WHAT'S THE DEAL? We set out to create a better way to read on-line; our goal was to make something different, engaging, intelligent and digital. The concept was born, as many good ideas are, on a crumpled cocktail napkin late one evening in 2006, and we’ve been working to build it ever since. Our intent: build an experience that is simultaneously a book group, a computer, and a book.
  • Amazon and Sony are about to launch digital readers in the UK
  • The Kindle Reader …reading for enjoyment on your Amazon Kindle wireless reading device
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  • News, Opinions and Speculation About Amazon's Kindle E-Book Device
    (tags: ebooks blog news)
  • Very good presentations of issues around ebooks.

    Events: Presentations Presentations Upon approval from the speaker, the IDPF occasionally posts presentations from its past events or industry related events. Please also note that these presentations are only as up to date as the day they were made. They may contain old or outdated information.

  • Greg Egan's online works, some free.
  • listing of free scifi ebooks, no longer active but still available.
  • Ratings for Free Science Fiction Online, Free Fantasy Online, Free Horror Online and Free Other Stuff Online (see tabs) with links to download. Not free fiction is rated at Not Free SF Reader. Anything labelled Superhero is listed on Super Reader Free SF Reader List (click for weekly updated one page list of posts from this blog)
  • This page lists places where you can find free ebooks. It includes links to sites which allow online reading, and sites which provide downloads. You may also be interested in E-book stores, many of which also give away some free books; and EBook Lending Libraries, which allow you to borrow books for a limited time.
  • The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all.

    Major parts of the site include:

    * An index of thousands of online books freely readable on the Internet
    * Pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts
    * Special exhibits of particularly interesting classes of online books
    * Information on how readers can help support the growth of online books

    Who's Responsible, and Who Supports It
    The Online Books Page was founded, and is edited, by John Mark Ockerbloom, He is a digital library planner and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. He is solely responsible for the content of the site.

    The site is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries

  • Welcome to, a site for news and discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers. Join the conversation by commenting on any post or story—or become a registered user and start your own conversations.
  • Jeffrey Carver's Blog
  • FBReader – an alternative to the reader V3. Основана на Based on Инструкции по использованию смотреть тут Instructions for using look here Здесь можно сообщить об ошибках, попросить помощи и высказать пожелания. Here you can communicate about errors, ask for help and make wishes.
  • Modified lBook firmware (for Hanlin V3 devices) with FBReader plugin included, works well.
  • All the novels of the The Chaos Chronicles are here or coming soon—free!—as well as some short stories. This is a great way to rejoin the story before reading the soon-to-be-published Sunborn. Also planned—a podcast audiobook of Sunborn.
  • This book is designed to help you run Linux for the very first time. As you will see, Knoppix is perfect for Linux newcomers. Linux isn't going away any time soon. That is why learning it is an investment in your time that will pay off for years to come. This book is meant for people who are at least reasonably familiar with computers. For example, it is assumed that you know your way around your computer's mouse, keyboard, CD drive, and so on.
  • Do you want to read free eBooks and eTexts? Free as in freedom? Many of them are published under a free license, e.g. Creative Commons, GPL. Here you may find some links to free eBooks, which you may read on your Linux PDA, Linux TabletPC or Linux laptop or some eBook reader. Not much yet but I hope it works as a start. There are links to tips, tricks and HOWTOs for format conversions between different eBook formats, too.
  • The MemoWare eBook Primer was designed to help PDA users understand the basics of reading eBooks on their PDA devices. This information was compiled by our friends at, the leading source for news, reviews and forums.
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  • pdaConverter simplifies the creation of documents for Palm OS based handhelds and works only under MS Windows. The daily synchronisation of webpages/channels can be done, too.pdaConverter is freeware.
  • This article is about generating some ebook files formats from HTML. "Ebooks" are file formats that are viewable on ebook readers, including PDAs and smart cell phones/mobile phones.
  • List of resources for reading web content on handheld devices
  • Often the book we want to read on our ebook reader is in a format that is incompatible or just doesn’t look good. When this happens we have three choices (1) forget the whole thing, (2) get another ebook reader, or (3) convert the file to something we can use. If you picked #3 then this section of the Wiki page is for you. If you can't find it here then you might have to resort to digitizing Paper Books to Ebooks.
  • GoodNews – simple and handy application. It lets you subscribe to news feeds (rss) and save them as a file – electronic newspaper. Depending on format of the resulting file those newspapers can then be readen using a wide range of devices: PC, Hanheld PC, Mobile Phones, Electronic Books, and etc. Default newspaper file format is fb2.
  • Many science-fiction writers are releasing part of their works under a Creative Commons license. If you'd like to discover new writers, and you're interested in modern sci-fi, you'll find the ri… (more) Many science-fiction writers are releasing part of their works under a Creative Commons license. If you'd like to discover new writers, and you're interested in modern sci-fi, you'll find the right content in this list. (less)
    (tags: ebooks)
  • Electronic books are available in a myriad different formats, which makes transferring documents from one device or reader to another a confusing and difficult task. Stanza aims to resolve this by supporting the reading and writing of as many different eBook formats as possible.
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  • (tags: ebooks forum News)
  • FictionBook is an XML format for storage of books where each element of the book is described by tags.

    The main objective for storage of books in the FictionBook format is its accurate keeping of the book structure accompanied with the provision of effortless converting (including automatic) of FictionBook files to other popular formats: txt, doc, rtf, html and so on. Beside that, many reader applications allow to read the FictionBook format without converting.

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