links for 2008-09-23

  • Palm Inc has repeatedly refused to write an SDHC driver for their handhelds. This has long been regarded as a lost cause by most Palm owners. Luckily Palm Inc are not the only ones in power to help. PalmPowerups to the rescue! We've been hard at work creating an SDHC driver for your devices. It is very difficult and has been one of the most complex projects we've ever undertaken here. It is made harder yet since each individual device needs to be uniquely supported and programmed for. Today we're glad to announce that for for a small set of devices the driver has entered release cycle. There are many benefits from this driver even if you do not have an SDHC card yet. For example with this driver the card access speed will grow very noticeably, and the card access will not shut off at low battery levels. And of course, now you have support for SDHC cards.
    (tags: pda palm software)
  • GeoSetter is a freeware tool for Windows for showing and changing geo data of image files (e.g. images taken by digital cameras). Features * Reads and writes the formats JPEG and TIFF as well as camera RAW formats DNG (Adobe), CRW and CR2 (Canon), NEF (Nikon), MRW (Konica Minolta), PEF (Pentax), ORF (Olympus), ARW, SR2, SRF (Sony) and RAF (Fujifilm) * Uses ExifTool from Phil Harvey for writing data * Shows existing geo coordinates and tracks on embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection) * Setting geo data by using embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection) or by entering known values for coordinates and altitude directly * Automatic filling of location IPTC fields and altitude values (requires internet connection) * Editable IPTC data (IPTC-NAA/XMP) * Possibilty to change taken date of images * Synchronization with track files (NMEA, GPX, PLT, Sony LOG and others) *

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