Hard case for BeBook in Stylz cover

Old VHS hard plastic case makes a great protective case for BeBook in the Stylz cover, and may also fit other readers (Hanlin V3, lBook etc) fitted with similar covers. These PVI E-Ink glass displays may be quite fragile, and these cases have enough room to ensure the front of the BeBook is well protected. As an additional feature, they don’t look anything special, so there is no indication as to what is inside. And they are cheap or free, so it doesn’t matter if the case gets scratched while protecting the BeBook.

Often the clear plastic slip cover has been damaged on cases that have seen a lot of use, it is easiest to just rip the old cover off. The case doesn’t look particularly nice, but it is anonymous and functional. However, if you have one that is in good condition, it is easy to print a customised cover to slip inside the plastic cover. Don’t forget to add contact details to increase the chances of the BeBook’s return in case of loss.

These cases (you need the larger size with lots of space between the cassette and the case, as shown) were used mostly by libraries and video rental outlets, and are becoming increasingly rare these days – so grab some while you can.

Old VHS hard case

VHS hard case

VHS hard case

VHS case and BeBook

VHS case and BeBook in Stylz cover

VHS Case closed

Case closed


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