links for 2008-11-22

  • With customer interest growing across a wide variety of applications and technologies, it is clear that reflective displays have found their place in the overall display market. It is interesting to note that, in contrast to the transmissive-LCD segment that is dominated by a handful of multi-billion-dollar corporations, the average reflective-display company is small, privately held, and has been in business for a decade or less. This small handful of companies is managing to turn out an increasing number of products each year, targeting entirely new markets such as color-changing skins for cell phones, electronic-book readers, and credit cards with integrated displays. With demographics such as these, it seems certain that each year will continue to bring surprising developments in reflective displays
  • However, the usability/ergonomics are not there yet, neither is the major task of integrating all the electronics and software etc. These are some of the reasons why we have placed other e-paper products, such as Electronic Shelf Labels, as manufacturing priorities. We are optimistic that the educational sector will drive the e-book market, and we are positioning ourselves there.”

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