links for 2009-01-23

  • "Subway" style graphic showing ebook and publishing relationships
  • If you don't want to spend upwards of 70 bucks like I did on a not so great performing Yagi style antenna. Then build this one for almost nothing and get better results. My Yagi style antenna I got from ebay was pulling about 60-85 signal strength on most channels and ALWAYS would have continual dropouts making it impossible to watch Free OTA (over the air) digital HDTV.
  • Today's tutorial is an adaptation of Christopher Phin's Fake Model Photography tutorial for Photoshop CS, and it's all about faking tilt-shift photography.
  • Grassroots journalists are dismantling Big Media's monopoly on the news, transforming it from a lecture to a conversation. Not content to accept the news as reported, these readers-turned-reporters are publishing in real time to a worldwide audience via the Internet. The impact of their work is just beginning to be felt by professional journalists and the newsmakers they cover. In We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People, nationally known business and technology columnist Dan Gillmor tells the story of this emerging phenomenon, and sheds light on this deep shift in how we make and consume the news.
  • Plucker versions of some Creative Commons License Books Plucker is "The best offline HTML reader and ebook reader for Palm handheld devices"; it's Free Software (GNU) to boot. The Plucker Viewer for Palm handhelds can be downloaded here. There is also a Plucker Viewer for PocketPC called Vade Mecum.
  • This Version of Freedom of Expression: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
  • Tutorial: Installing the Focus Blur plugin * This tutorial was last tested on Ubuntu 6.10 and Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed. Overview * The Focus Blur plugin is very useful and can be used to create different effects, amongst them is simulating a shallow Depth of Focus (tutorial coming soon)
  • The Paper Case project allows you to print a fold-able piece of paper into a CD or DVD case, using the content of the internet as your album art or movie cover. This solves the issue of your DVD collection taking up 20 times more space than the size of the disc. Or when you buy an album online, and are left on your own to store and label your burned CD. You can also give your friends and family burned photo CDs and DVDs in style with a personalized case. No longer are expensive CDs and DVDs left to chance to get scratched beyond recognition. Ready to get started? First, add the following link to your bookmarks. For Internet Explorer, right-click and select ‘add to favorites’. For Firefox, either right-click and select ‘Bookmark This Link’, or simply drag the link to the bookmark bar.
  • Entertain yourself with Vio free mobile video converter, and take your high quality videos with you while you are out and about Do you listen to music on your mobile phone? Get ViO free video converter and start watching your favorite movies, music videos, and TV series on your mobile phone as well ! Whether you have an iPod, iPhone, PSP, cell phone, PDA, Pocket PC or PMP, ViO converts and compresses your media files for perfect viewing on your mobile device. Now moving various formats and files between your PC and mobile device is as simple as copy and paste with ViO!
  • In this tutorial, I will illustrate a working method for Ed Hamrick's VueScan program. My goals are to help newcomers to the program through it's interface; demonstrate my working method with flatbed scanning (Old-new fashioned I admit-I am not a batch scanner, although VueScan is designed to be highly efficient at automatic-pilot, batch scanning!); and illuminate some of the remarkable features of this program. In fact, let's first highlight some of what does set VueScan apart from other scanning interfaces I know of and make some working "reminders." This is written from a Macintosh perspective, but most things should apply to the Windows or Linux platforms. Not everything that follows will look "perfect" or perhaps be as good as others can do. That's what the real world of scanning is like. I hope, most of all, you will learn how VueScan might work for you.
  • Here we have the initial full frame preview. Take note of the B/W curve on the bottom left. Notice how the black drops off yet VueScan still thinks there is potentially more black possible to scan. Also notice how the shadows above the individual statuettes and main curve are a bit overexposed. At full size you will also see the transparent film base with a translucent grey sheen. This is not what we want scanned and VueScan is already overexposing the preview. This is fine because it doesn't know what to work with yet.
  • The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and to explain the basics for photos and documents. It is about the fundamentals of digital images, about the basics to help you get the most from your scanner. How it works, for those that want to know. Included here are the general questions that we've all asked about digital images, but unfortunately, that other sources don't answer. The material is about the basics, and is appropriate for the beginner. The content is certainly not superficial, but it is not at all difficult either, it is just simply about how it works. It describes in plain language the things we need to know to be efficient and get the most from our images, in the various ways that we can use them. The material was written about scanning, but most of it is a basic primer on digital images in general, applicable to images from digital cameras too. This material is intended for home and hobby users, and is not concerned with commercial prepress.
  • Firmware Update for ST3500320AS, ST3500620AS, ST3500820AS, ST3640330AS, ST3640530AS, ST3750330AS, ST3750630AS, ST31000340AS [207951]

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