links for 2009-02-19

  • Andrew A. Adams (University of Reading) and Ian Brown (Oxford Internet Institute) have just released a new paper on the risks that we face now that the entertainment industry wants to augment DRM with ISP surveillance and termination of accused infringers. They argue that all the evils that arose from ineffective DRM will be magnified by ineffective ISP termination, that the music and film industries will be no richer, and that the public will be at much greater risk of censorship and unfair disconnection from their education, work, health information, families, free speech, and civic engagement via the Internet.
  • The creators of the Pirate Bay documentary "Steal This Film" have released footage from their next installment in honor of the trial of the Pirate Bay's founders (yesterday's hearings ended with a bang, when the prosecution dropped half the charges — the more serious half — after realizing they couldn't make the case stick).
    (tags: copyright p2p)
  • Day 3 of the protest against a braindead copyright law sees the release of an illustrative animation, Kangaroo Court, and the planning of protests in Wellington and Auckland. A Parliamentary Question was asked by Labour, namely "what will you do given the public opposition to the bill?" and the response from the National party Minister was essentially, "we'll help the ISPs and the music industry come up with a code of conduct"–i.e., keep the law.

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