links for 2009-06-13

  • JAPAN – U.S. JOINT PROPOSAL This Document Contains Foreign Government Information to be treated as U.S. CONFIDENTIAL MODIFIED HANDLING AUTHORIZED* JAPAN-US JOINT PROPOSAL Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement EU proposalsDiscussion Draft: 7 July 2008May 20, 2008 Derived From: Classification Guidance dated February 8, 2008 Reason: 1.4(b) Declassify on: February 9, 2018 * This document must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, but may be mailed or transmitted over unclassified e-mail or fax, discussed over unsecured phone lines, and stored on unclassified computer systems. It must be stored in a locked or secured building, room, or cabinet. JAPAN – U.S. JOINT PROPOSAL This Document Contains Foreign Government Information to be treated as U.S. CONFIDENTIAL MODIFIED HANDLING AUTHORIZED*
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  • The file presents US, Japan and EU drafts of the controversial international copyright and patent trade agreement, ACTA ("Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement"). The documents were obtained by Wikileaks staff. The material is significant, both for those countries involved in the negotiations and those who have been excluded from them, such as China, Russia and the nearly all of the developing world. Each entity's diplomatic comments can be recognized by: * US – United States * J – Japan * EU – European Union * CAN – Canada * AUS – Australia * MX – Mexico * SG – Singapore Additional information can be found by searching Wikileaks for "ACTA". Readers who are interested in the subject may like to assist readability by "typing up" parts of the file, which has been photographed, and placing the results on the discussion page.
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  • May 15, 2009: Berlin. A speech that remixes a bit of David Post's fantastic book, In Search of Jefferson's Moose, given at an event hosted by the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation.
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  • # Running Ubuntu 9.04 with Avant window navigator, Compiz, and Conky. # Custom dock icons based off of ecqlipse2.png, I colored them and added drop shadows. # Wallpaper: Area04 (slightly modified, got rid of text and made it widescreen) # System Icons: Smokikon v0.9 # Now for the Conky configurations: I'm running five separate instances of Conky to achieve this desktop. The to-do list merely displays a text file, but I wrote a shell script to easily add and remove tasks from the file. Events is pulling data from Google Calendar. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.
  • Linux often gets criticized by the ease-of-use crowd for making its users occasionally edit a text file to get something working. In the case of the nimble, endlessly extensible desktop monitor Conky, though, a text file is a great thing. You can changed the format, color, font, and output of what Conky shows you any way you want, and using some freely available tools, have Conky monitor your email, Google Calendar, local weather, music, and even keep tabs on your text-based to-do list. If you were intrigued by how much love Conky gets from our Linux users, read on to learn how to set up your own uber-useful, lightweight embedded monitor.

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