links for 2009-08-15

  • Comment: Love thy (body corporate) neighbour?
    Page 1 of 2 View as a single page 2:30PM Monday Jul 06, 2009

    Most apartment owners are likely to be blissfully unaware that a Bill before Parliament may turn the prudent advice of 'love thy neighbour' into Government fiat.

    Inherited from the Labour government, the Unit Titles Bill (currently at Select Committee) concretes new obligations in place for unit owners which may alter the way we think about their ownership and increase due diligence when purchasing.

    Those who claim the Bill is a product of the 'nanny state' are hopeful Minister for Regulatory Reform Rodney Hide will cut some of the red tape before the legislation is passed. While the Bill has had little public attention, appearances at the Select Committee included notables such as John Shewan, chairman of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

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