links for 2009-08-30

  • Well that's been a waste of many hours. Trying to set up a SIP VOIP connection only to find I need a download first, that is not mentioned in the handbook. Thanks to those on this discussion who helped me resolve it. I'm sure lots of people will use Gizmo 'cos it's built in without having to do this. Especially those new to VOIP. But people upgrading their handset and wanting to transfer services will be very frustrated by this situation. Quite understand the commercial reasons for restricting to Gizmo. But get your communications straight. Make it clear in the userguide there is another download needed to use non-gizmo VOIP. Have some respect for your customers and their precious time. Adding a built in Gizmo service is fine but if your marketers can't use the power of selling to persuade people to use Gizmo (comes with great built in, easy to use, ready to go Voip service) rather than impose restrictions that make the user guide downright wrong,
    (tags: nokia e75)
  • Example 1: The Nokia E-series phones have had very good VoIP support, with essentially a built-in SIP client. The latest E-series phone (E75) still has this capability, but seriously cripples the way you can configure the SIP parameters. On other phones you can set the SIP parameters yourself, and hence connect to any SIP voice provider you’d like to use. On the E75, the parameters can only be configured “over the air” by your service provider, or be registering as a developer to get access to SIP controls. Nokia denies this change has anything to do with pressure from service providers…
    (tags: nokia e75)
  • what doesn't work ?

    * the 1-business day battery
    * the fact that the built in E-mail client doesn't understand Destinations, Nokia's implementation of access-point bonding (i.e. try WLAN A if its present, otherwise WLAN B if its present, and then as last resort, 3G)
    * the fact that the built-in accelerometer doesn't seem to work with the tap-to-silence feature
    * the stupid Vodafone firmware on it (which amongst other things disables the built-in Nokia SIP client

    So, how to get around these things ?

    1. Go read this thread, and download the Internet telephony client
    2. Go and download Birdstep SmartConnect, which implements bonding correctly
    3. Charge the damn thing daily
    4. Change the firmware to make it a generic Nokia phone (haven't figured this one out yet)

    (tags: nokia e75)
  • Birdstep SmartConnect connection manager is licensed to Nokia smart phones. The software is available to owners of the supported phone models and may be pre-installed to some new devices. SmartConnect removes the access complexity and brings the user just one click away from internet access.
    (tags: nokia e75)
  • The second issue is about SIP. The phone is capable of SIP calls (without using Fring) BUT unfortunately I could only place SIP calls using Gizmo. I can configure another SIP providers and the login is successful as stated in the "Registered" word. The problem is that every time I try to perform a SIP call, only the Gizmo provider can be used to place calls. I know that this is a *well known issue* in recent Nokia phones. And is a commercial choice. Still, I'm here to ask Nokia to unlock this feature and let the users decide which SIP provider to use. I bought an original Nokia phone with no brands exactly because I want to be free to do anything I want with it.

    Please Nokia, let us use the SIP Internet calls without any restriction.

    (Or at least write in the specs that "SIP calls can be placed ONLY with Gizmo carrier"…..does it sound so crazy?)

    (tags: nokia e75)

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