links for 2011-06-05

  • Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) on Core 2 Duo CPUs is designed so that the CPU will use a higher multiplier (faster speed) but Intel designed this feature so that only a single core at a time can benefit from this turbo boost. The second core has to be in the C3/C6 sleep state for this to work. As soon as the second core wakes up to process some background task; the maximum multiplier will drop back to the default multiplier. When the second core is finished and goes back to sleep, the first core can go back up to the higher speed by switching to the IDA multiplier.

    IDA mode is available in most of the T7000, T8000, P8000 and T9000 series of mobile Core 2 Duo CPUs.

    There is finally an easy way to enable IDA mode on both cores at the same time so it doesn't cycle on and off like Intel intended. When testing on a T8100, this resulted in a 9% performance boost when running the multi-threaded benchmark wPrime.

  • Flashing a dual-IDA bios will provide an extra multipler, gaining 5-17% more CPU performance on an IDA-capable CPU when using Throttlestop. Examples shown on the right. Throttlestop also provides IDA overvolting and superLFM undervolting to provide greater setfsb overclockability on AC and increased battery life on DC. Combining dual-IDA and PLL overclocking will give the greatest possible overclocking.
  • If you are looking at upgrading your bios, definitely update it to the modded one here -dual-IDA modded BIOS for HDX9000/8710/85×0/6910/6710/6510/27x0p/25x0p- it is version F.0F and I have been running on it for a month or so with no issues (and others have used it successfully)

    Basically this will remove the white list the bios typically has on hardware (so you should theoretically be able to use any wi-fi card, or wwan card, or any piece of hardware that is compatible), and it also 'unlocks' the last core multiplier on the CPU, the ability to use Dual IDA on the CPU, and all other limitations on the CPU (So you are now easily able to overclock and undervolt the CPU you have via software; by doing this I was able to get my CPU running at 2.13Ghz and undervolt it to 1V so it now runs as efficiently on battery life as before, a bit less heat under low-medium load, and is also considerably more powerful -WEI alone jumped from 5.3 to 5.7


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