What a bunch of tossers Boxpark are. Where is the merit in their claims?Christchurch NZ suffered several major…

What a bunch of tossers Boxpark are. Where is the merit in their claims?

Christchurch NZ suffered several major earthquakes over the past year, devastating the city centre and destroying many buildings.

To kickstart the return of commerce to the city (City Mall Restart), a temporary container shopping centre has been erected, and it is due to open this coming Saturday. it looks pretty good, and claims to be the first of its kind to be erected post-earthquake, in the world.


However it faces legal action from a UK company that has designed a container mall in Shoreditch, UK. The company is Boxpark – http://boxpark.co.uk/

The exact details of any legal action aren't yet known, other than Boxpark claiming a "blatant breach of the Boxpark intellectual property rights".

There are only a limited number of ways that you can stack a number of standardised steel boxes with doors on both ends.

A review of their website shows it contains more legal disclaimers than actual content; and judging by their inability to show any actual (rather than rendered) images of their design – which is already months late – I suspect that they have been unable to get enough interest in their project and are now getting very desperate.

The content on their website is the usual marketing feelgood fuzzy jargon that might be included in an architect's manifesto (yes – some architects still have these, and I bet the designers of Boxpark do, too). In short, it is almost all, total bullshit. I suspect that the more savvy retailers are going to require more objective data before commiting to a project like this, and Boxpark don't seem to be able to indicate if they have any, or enough partners, to proceed.

If you look around the large pdf describing the project you can't help but feel depressed since it is very monochrome, and Shoreditch doesn't seem to be the most scintillating of environments. My god, it is depressing.

But you can't miss the legal disclaimers and also the ACID logo liberally plastered around the site and the brochure.

ACID (Anti Copying In Design) seems to be a worthwhile organisation http://acid.eu.com/ but I wonder what their reaction to this situation would be.

I know that container malls of themselves are unlikely to be anything new or innovative – some years ago I had some clothing made by Mercy, a woman whose family lived and worked and sold their work just outside of Accra (Ghana). From a small complex of containers. Maybe Mercy is missing out on an opportunity here.

And I'm Shoreditch residents are unlikely to consider a mall in Christchurch a viable alternative to one on their front doorstep – if it ever gets built.

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