Folder Size, a Windows Explorer addon

Windows has many shortcomings, so it useful to be able to easily add software that makes it nicer or more fun to use. There are many alternatives to Windows Explorer available, but it is so much easier to continue to use the default application that most people continue to use it, despite its shortcomings. So, why not use a small utility to add some of the functionality that is missing in Windows Explorer?

Folder Size is one such utility. It isn’t large, it isn’t guaranteed to work (but it does) and it is free. It is even Open Source, so you can improve it if you wish. I use it with no problems on my Windows systems.

One of the many shortcomings in the default Windows file manager (Windows Explorer) is that normally, to find out how large a folder is, you have to right click on the folder, select “Properties”, then wait for the folder (and all sub folders) to be scanned before seeing the final result displayed in the “General” tab. Computers are supposed to make everything easy and save time, not waste time, so why tolerate this any longer?

Folder Size fixes this problem, by scanning folders in the background and displaying the result in a column in Windows Explorer, as in the screenshot below.

Download and install Folder Size, then start Windows Explorer, ensure “Details View” is selected, right click on any of the column headers. Switch on Folder Size and you are ready to go.

This makes file management much easier, so you’ll easily be able to identify which folders and files are wasting the most space. Great for cleaning up your file system.

Works on Windows 2000 and XP. Be sure to read the developer’s notes.

Get started by visiting

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