Installing Freemind and repairing package dependencies


confirmed more easy install within Kubuntu 6.10

All the above required pakages can be installed more easy within Kubuntu 6.10, even without installing a new java re. I used the previous installed sun java 6 jdk (Freemind 0.8 gives a error message at start, that it might not run correctly, but it does afterwards), but you can use any jdk.

After downloading the main debian package for freemind from sourceforge I installed it without dependencies with:

  sudo dpkg -i freemind_0.8.0+01-4_all.deb

Freemind gets installed, but not configured due to not all required packages are found. But with apt we can repair it, if we simply run

  sudo apt-get -f install

all required (above mentioned) packages will be installed and freemind gets configured.