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Rock Detail

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Commuting to work

This is my current commute to work – a bit different from being able to use a wheelbarrow!









Not too shabby, is it!

About August1/08/2005 This month’s entries are or…

About August


This month’s entries are ordered backward, so that they are easier to read from the top, as they are a rough kind of journal, and not a web log as such. This means the dates at the top and bottom of each entry is incorrect, the correct dates are at the beginning of each item. Sorry about that.

I’m travelling this month so this is all going to be a bit of an experiment, I’m going to see how well this works as a journal. I’ll try to include at least one good photo every day, but some of the entries may be more of a personal reminder to myself, and might not interest anybody else.

We’ll see how things work out.

I’m writing this blog entirely on my Palm using U*blog, photos will either be from a SonyEricsson K700i phone, or Finepix 420. Ypu can click on any of the photos to get a larger image from Flickr. Links to Google maps are embedded in the text, too – you might need to select “Satellite view” once the Google page has loaded, though.

I’ll try and post these entries as network connectivity is available, but there aren’t a lot of WiFi hotspots around here, and phone coverage is also a problem.

I may also edit these posts after I get home, but my intention is to really give remote posting a good try, without using a desktop computer.