Test Post

This is a test post from a Nokia 770 using MaemoWordPy.


About Diarist2 (and a little comparison to u*Blog):

Since my test post using Diarist2 (https://hindesite.wordpress.com/2007/06/05/posting-to-wordpress-using-diarist2/) has generated a surprising (but low) amount of traffic via Google, I thought it would be helpful to include a link to the developer. So here it is: http://www.kevdaly.co.nz/

The software itself is available at http://www.kevdaly.co.nz/Software/Blogging/Diarist.aspx and is usually referred to as Diarist 2 – diarist by itself is a fairly useless search term.

Kevin has done a great job with this software, it is really quite easy to use, does the basics, and doesn’t try to be too clever. Installation and setup is straightforward, and it runs just fine on my H5450 iPAQ. It is good for a quick post to a blog, but it can’t edit (or even see) existing posts. You can update posts previously written using Diarist, though, but I think it does this blind, so any changes made using anything other than Diarist will be lost.

You can upload images, and some simple formatting is also available.

The hardest part was finding the XML-RPC path for WordPress.com; it is easy when you know how to find it (and when you know WordPress works fine using the metaweblog api). The path is: http://yourblogaddress.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php. Of course!

No support for Blogger (pity, although I don’t use Blogger myself much these days I still have a couple of blogs there and admin one other) so I guess emailing direct to Blogger is an alternative there.

If you’ve used u*Blog on Palm, Diarist is very similar and more capable. Setting up u*Blog is extremely confusing, with the requirement to specify host and xml-rpc path exactly, with no explanation, error messages or guides to the syntax, whereas Diarist is relatively straightforward. To digress, the requirement for u*Blog is that the Host field is “yourblogaddress.wordpress.com” – without the leading http:// – and the XML-RPC Path must be given as /xmlrpc.php – with a leading slash. Get either of those wrong (and if you’ve never used u*blog before, you will), and you won’t be posting anywhere, you won’t even get a helpful error message to help you.

That aside, u*Blog is very good software, though it hasn’t been updated for a long time and doesn’t work with the new Blogger. If you are into Palm, you can get it from here.

One gotcha with Diarist, though, is that editing and updating a post will change the post date and time to that of the update; this isn’t what I would expect, and is generally different to how most blogs deal with this issue.

Otherwise, it is all good!

Posting to WordPress using Diarist2

This looks like excellent software – I’ve been somewhat surprised at the lack of decent software for pocketpc (compared to Palm).

I’ve used u*blog for posting while travelling, but this software certainly looks like it will do the trick for WordPress from a PPC.